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Mark Kopua is Te Aitanga a Hauiti, Ngati Ira and Ngati Porou (tribal groups) from the East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand. He is a tohunga (expert) ta moko artist and has been tattooing for around 16 years. Prior to doing ta moko, he did Maori whakairo (carving) for about 35 years.

Some highlights of his carving career were working on Marae projects such as Ako Pai (Wellington), Kapiti, Ruataupare (Tuparoa), and Te Herenga Waka Marae (Wellington).

Mark has been awarded the prestigious Toi Iho Maori mark of excellence in perpetuation, in recognition of his contribution to upholding the mana of traditional and contemporary Maori artforms. He is also involved with high-level Maori art organisations in New Zealand, such as Toi Maori, Te Papa, and Te Waka Toi Creative New Zealand.

2 responses to “MARK

  1. Aloha from Hawaii Mark,

    I ran into a Maori named Daryl here on Oahu at the gym, I was admiring his maori tattoo and asked him if there was anyone he could/would recommend to me since I told him that my wife and I were headed to New Zeland this coming December for 3 weeks. He told me, ” contact Mark Kopua and tell him that he went to school with my brother and see if he can help you out any”. So I wanted to touch bases with you to see if you were available, where you were located, and if you would bestow the honor of a kirituhi on my right chest shoulder, and arm? I was fortunate enough have bestowed the honor of a traditional Hawaiian tatau on my left leg using the old style tools of a chisel and hammer with ink and I would appreciate the consideration of a Maori design opposite of that using the tools of your trade. I have an appreciation for culture and its meaning through each of the respective traditions. In no way do I mean to offend and if I have please for give my ignorance. My email addres is


    Josh Forloine

  2. Kiaora e hoa!
    How r u?,im js wanting to get ur personal cel numba for my work mate in perth, he wants to get hold of u, he sed he nos u very well.Bully is his name frm Whanganui

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